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To the woman who has given everything but has NEVER asked for ANYTHING IN RETURN;
To the woman whose love is unquestionable, unconditional and undying;
To the woman whose patience never seems to run out despite continuous provocation;
To the woman whose faith is unwavering - both in God and in people;
To the woman who knows how to prove a point and make things happen in a snap with a single raise of an eyebrow (silly but true);
To the woman whose words have always been influential and powerful;
To the woman who has never given importance to earthly possessions rather gave the highest regard for intellect, honor and excellence;

You are one of a kind, mommy. I love you so much. I will love you as you have loved me despite my being the most difficult, stubborn and migraine-inducing person you have ever known. I will forever be grateful that YOU are the mother God gave me because no one could have done it better than you, I’m sure. You are my strength, Mommy.Because of you, I live, I love and I survive. We miss you so much.

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